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John with mandolin by Suzi Corker copy.tif

John Hegley
Folk with a Few Animals

fiddle, violin voice and recorder accompany

a dry stone waller

Marie Curie

a music teacher with dirty spectacles

French baroque composer Jean Philippe Rameau

an owl, a guillemot

some train spotters

a woman of Peebles

there once was a woman of Peebles

who was known for her thrown-stick retrievals

she thought she was a dog

which she actually was

I got a bit confused at the beginning

and many others.


John Hegley first played Islington Folk Club in 1983 with the Popticians soon after their first John Peel session. Alongside Hartlepool's folk festival, he has taken his songs and spoken verses to those in Beverley and

Cambridge and will perform pieces written during his time as poet in residence at London's Keats House and some relating to his childhood Luton bungalow. 

He is joined by long-time collaborator Eleanor Moreton, who has described their turn as 'the modern face of folk'.

'Just because he is one of the funniest men alive

do not underestimate his dedicated gentleness.'

- Adrian Mitchell, The New Statesman

'Awesomely Mundane'

- The Independent

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