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Ciderhouse Rebellion

“Two virtuoso musicians playing some of the most startling and original music you will ever encounter. Compelling, exciting and utterly original” Phil Beer

The duo brings together master accordionist Murray Grainger and fiddle player Adam Summerhayes. The pair play some traditional tunes, particularly from the North East of England, and compose their own music, specialising in creating within the moment so each performance is uniquely magical in its improvisatory focus.

For Genius Loci 2: the valley of iron, Adam and Murray have drawn inspiration from the ironstone industry now gone and the imagined lives of the thousands of people who worked there. For over a year (and in all weather) the pair visited and re-visited the valley, exploring the moors and the visible remains of its industry, recording on the open moor as a response to the post-industrial landscape.

Genius Loci 2: the valley of iron is Fatea's Instrumental Album of the Year, and has featured in the Folk on Foot podcast.

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