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We are very proud to have Teesside's own Wilsons as our festival Patrons. The glorious, powerful, vocal harmony of The Wilson Family of Billingham, Teesside has rung out in folk clubs and festivals continuously for the last 40+ years. The Brothers sing traditional songs, with deep understanding, joy and good humour.


They have been the most enthusiastic ambassadors we could have hoped for since they first accepted our invitation in 2015, and have been an integral part of our major projects and commissions. Their late-night pub singing sessions have become the stuff of legend! When they were awarded the EFDSS Gold Badge Award in 2017, they chose to have their acceptance ceremony at our festival. 

No matter where they go they sing the praises of Hartlepool Folk Festival, and we in turn cannot praise them highly enough. Not just our Patrons, they have become treasured friends. 

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