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Family folk festival


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Two days of free fun in the heart of hartlepool!

Sing - Make - Listen - Craft - Dance

This year's Family Folk Festival will feature all manner of delights: marvellous music, enchanting theatre performances, whirling fire dancers, roaming troubadours, fantastic creatures, and thrilling tales. You can watch, listen, and join in with music, craft and dance activities each afternoon.

Last year was fantastic. Magic Lantern were back with their beautiful shadow stories. Eye of Newt brought us two enchanting pieces of family theatre: the hilarious Stone Soup simmering with singing bowls and cheeky talking vegetables; and Hare & Moon, a beautiful show performed as both a gentle, 5-minute piece of suitcase theatre and a magical, illuminated walkabout performance.

There were even special workshops offered just for families by festival guests, including the amazing poet and musician John Hegley

Keep an eye out for our details of our 2024 programme!

Last year's Family Festival 

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Here's what we got up to in 2021/22...

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