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'Hartlepool Folk Festival have the best teams for correctly handing accessibility. The whole festival is accessible.'

'As a disabled person I found the organisers their staff and venues very welcoming and helpful'

Our site is very friendly to those with additional needs. 

The Borough Hall on Hartlepool’s historic Headland is fully accessible. There is a lift to the upstairs spaces, and mainstage performances will be accessed by the ground floor level.

St Hilda's Church is on one level and offers wheelchair access.

The pubs and community venues we use are fully accessible.

There is a shuttle from the marina area which stops at the campsite, minimising the need for walking. This year it will pick up from the Premier Inn and the Travelodge.

Please notify us if you require a wheelchair space or any assistance. If you have invisible additional needs and require specific support, please let a steward know.


Companion’s tickets are available to visitors who are registered disabled. Please let us know if you need to bring a companion.

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