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No Irish traditional band in the last thirty years has had a wider impact than Altan.

With their exquisite repertoire, ranging dynamically from sensitive old songs through to hard-hitting reels and jigs, and with their heartwarming, dynamic live performances, Altan have inspired audiences and musicians across the world. They maintain their commitment to bringing the fiddle music and song of their native Donegal to contemporary audiences. Altan have always believed that Irish traditional music is a modern music in every sense, and its continuing popularity have proved them right.

With recent album The Widening Gyre, Altan have fused the traditional Irish music that they are known for, namely Donegal fiddling and Gaelic singing traditions, with American roots music, particularly that of the Appalachian bluegrass fiddle.

Festival Director Joanie Crump says, 'We originally booked Altan for the 2020 festival which, like everything else, had to be cancelled. I particularly wanted them at that time as I knew the band were great friends of Norma Waterson, and she used to enjoy visiting them in Ireland so much; as her health made future visits doubtful, I thought I'd bring the band to her! Sadly, we lost her before that could happen, but I'm pleased to finally be able to bring Altan to the festival in Norma's honour.'

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