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The Haunted Moustache

As part of our Folk Horror series, enjoy one man’s fantastical and hilarious quest to unravel the occult secrets of a unique family ‘hairloom’. 

After inheriting a 100-year old moustache, David Bramwell embarks on a ten-year odyssey to discover all he can about its former owner, a Victorian freakshow host called Ambrose Oddfellow. His quest draws him into the underbelly of Brighton – its séances, spiritual churches and a seedy basement club – where he unwittingly becomes the host of a modern-day freakshow. Coming to believe that his ‘hairloom’ is possessed, Bramwell joins a cult, dabbles with Amazonian psychedelics and comes close to losing the plot entirely. Can he solve the mystery before his sanity gives in?

A supernatural coming-of-age story, an exploration of magic and the nature of reality, and an affectionate portrayal of England’s rich counterculture. It’s quite funny, too.

The Haunted Moustache was dramatised for Radio 3, winning a Sony Silver Award.

'A marvellous demonstration of how beautifully the mechanism of reality functions, if you’re paying sufficient attention. Neurologically, this will light you up like a Christmas tree.' (Alan Moore)

'A taste for genius, matched by eccentricity' (The Guardian)

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