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spiers & boden

By the time John Spiers & Jon Boden had hung up their hats as a duo in 2014, they had earned a place in the folk history that few could rival.


Spiers & Boden first rocketed onto the music scene in 2001, quickly winning a clutch of BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and going on to become one of the best-loved duos English folk has ever seen. Founding members of folk juggernaut Bellowhead, the unstoppable momentum of folk's Big Band left time for little else. Having retired Bellowhead (apart from occasional reunions) Spiers & Boden have returned to their roots: absurdly addictive songs, the intuitive interplay of box and fiddle, and a bouncing atmosphere that is one of the great joys of live English folk music.


If there's not a conga round the Borough Hall to Bold Sir Rylas, we'll eat hay with a donkey.

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