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lisa knapp & gerry diver

 Lisa Knapp and Gerry Diver fuse their deep-seated love for English and Irish folk traditions into a vibrant project that's as grounded in tradition as it is daring in innovation. With Knapp's distinctive voice and her skill in weaving the ancient with the contemporary, alongside Diver's fiddle virtuosity and trailblazing production, they're crafting an auditory journey that honours the past while boldly stepping into new musical territories. This partnership is poised to enchant traditional folk purists and new seekers alike, promising a fresh, exhilarating spin on folk music's timeless tales.

Lisa Knapp’s debut album 'Wild & Undaunted' in 2007 saw her emerge as a distinctive voice in British folk, becoming known for her captivating vocals and highly imaginative approach.

Gerry Diver, a visionary composer, producer, Irish fiddler, and multi- instrumentalist, has significantly impacted the folk scene. His innovative "Speech Project" featured folk icons like Christy Moore, Shane MacGowan, Martin Hayes, and others in a collaborative masterpiece described as 'groundbreaking' by The Guardian.

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