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lady maisery

Frequent festival headliners, Lady Maisery have for over a decade enraptured audiences throughout the UK and Europe. But the separation imposed by the events of the last few years (as well as time spent away from one another on solo endeavours, with other groups and in other artforms) brought about a realisation of the importance that making music together has in their lives, and how giving one another that artistic freedom is one of the band’s great strengths. 

The uniquely captivating Lady Maisery return with Tender, their first studio album in six years. The band’s combined talents of Hazel Askew, Hannah James and Rowan Rheingans (individually three of the most accomplished and adventurous artists in modern folk) have created a musically 
audacious, boldly political and manifestly personal record that reaches far beyond their previous work. 

The album comprises original songs written by Lady Maisery, as well as contemplative and personal interpretations of work by Björk, Tracy Chapman and the late Lal Waterson. An arresting 
record that explores the power in vulnerability and the strength in kindness; these are songs that acknowledge our collective wounds while striving forward with a hope for the future. 

After rescheduling Lady Maisery's performance from last year, we can't wait to welcome them in 2024.

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