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Come wander with me

The last of the original Twilight Zone episodes to be filmed is also the folkiest: who thought that Rod Serling would have something to say about song collecting and the exploitation of source singers?! Come Wander With Me is a classic TZ episode with a song you'll be humming for days - it's the perfect way to kick off our folk horror events this year. It will be immediately followed by Simon Costin's fascinating introduction to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle.


Singer Floyd Burney - a.k.a. The Rock-a-Billy Kid - takes a trip to a small Appalachian town in search of new (and copyright-free) musical material. Lured into the nearby woods by the siren-like sounds of the mysterious Mary Rachel, life begins to imitate art as a series of bizarre occurrences reflect the lyrics of the haunting ballad he tries to collect.

FUN FACT: A teen-aged Liza Minnelli auditioned for the role of Mary Rachel opposite Gary Crosby. Liza was so nervous that producer William Froug commented: "She'll never make it." She lost out to Bonnie Beecher, whose spine-tingling vocals were perfect for the role. 

Run time: 25 minutes

The Twilight Zone courtesy of CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Below is a snippet of Angeline Morrison singing Come Wander With Me from the episode - join us at the Monster Mash Cabaret on Sunday night and you just might hear a bit more!

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