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nick hart &
tom moore

Nick Hart and Tom Moore have been playing music together in various guises for well over a decade. Initially, they performed as an instrumental duo or dance band with Nick on either concertina or melodeon. Tom was subsequently a contributor to Nick’s three acclaimed solo records as both engineer and strings player, and since they have remained close collaborators.

November 2023 will see the release of the highly anticipated first duo album from Nick Hart and Tom Moore. 'The Colour of Amber' is a collection of traditional songs and tunes brought vividly to life with the unusual combination of Tom's viola and Nick's tenor viol, augmented by drones and basses from an old church harmonium.

Folk aficionados will be familiar with the work of both players, and neither is a stranger to critical appraisal. Tom's playing has been called “ingenious” (The Guardian) and “irresistible” (The Independent) and Nick has been described as “...probably the finest interpreter of traditional English folk songs this generation has produced...” (

Nick Hart is an award-winning singer and multi-instrumentalist whose work with English folk song is rapidly gaining him a reputation as one of the most acclaimed performers of his generation. Raised on the Essex/Cambridgeshire border, he now lives in Bristol.

Tom Moore is a fiddle player, violist and producer working with folk music, usually with its roots in English traditions. As well as performing all over Europe and at many of the UK’s top festivals, in recent years he has contributed as player, producer or engineer to a stack of albums from some of the brightest acts in the current folk scene. Originally from mid-Norfolk, Tom resides in south east London.

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