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Wise woman

Hailing from the wilds of East Anglia and South Wales, vocal four-piece Wise Woman bring lush vocal harmonies, cinematic strings and 90s girl power to the airwaves and eardrums.  

Formed during the dark depths of a pandemic winter, the band's sound is forged from a decade of joy-filled musical friendship, a healthy dollop of Boudicca-style rage and numerous collaborations as individual musicians with artists as varied as Anna Meredith, Mediaeval Baebes & the LSO.  (They may have also starred in a very famous West End musical... such rumours...)  Wise Woman have been subsequently enchanting audiences at venues including Green Note & Folkroom ever since.

Their debut EP Thread champions female stories. Weaving together misogyny, magic, motherhood and madness, from the East Anglian wildlands to the smoky underworld of New Orleans, Thread is a rallying cry for all womxn to take what they deserve and roar into their own futures.

Wise Woman are Anna Pool, Lydia Bell, Charlotte Vaughan & Maddie Cutter.

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