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meanwhile back in sunderland

We love showing films that reflect North East culture, and this one marks a very special 50th anniversary. This Tyne Tees Television documentary records ‘a day in the life’ of the town of Sunderland during the FA Cup final that took place on Saturday 5th May 1973, when underdogs Sunderland beat Leeds United 1-0. The programme captures the mood of the town leading up to, during and after the match. The cameras are in the pubs and on the streets, in local shops and in living rooms crammed full of neighbours, capturing all the glorious tension and joy of the day. It's an incredibly evocative time capsule. 

Made by Tyne Tees and originally broadcast on the 7th May 1973

Run time: 23 minutes

To accompany Meanwhile Back in Sunderland, we have the episode Makkers & Takkers from Sounds of Britain, a series that spotlighted the music, dance and humour of Britain's regions. 

'The people from the banks of the Wear may only live a few miles from those on the banks of the Tyne. But Sunderland folk shout it from the rooftops that they have their own identity. Presenter Bobby Pattinson brings out the distinctive accent and character of the people of Wearside, and its largest town, Sunderland. and he finds they have no intention of playing second fiddle to the Geordies of Newcastle. 


Two local horror stories are put under the microscope. One is the story of the dragon they call 'The Lambton Worm' which is enshrined in the old song of the same name. The other is the even stranger legend that it is impossible to make Sunderland audiences laugh.'


The entertainers include: the lugubrious Ed Pickford; prince of North-east comics Bobby Thompson; Sunderland composer Eric Boswell; singers Marian Aitchison, Ralph Hawkes, Gordon Traynor, John Gornall, Brian Tindale and Den Connelli. And Bill Zobel adds a nautical touch with a traditional hornpipe. 

Made by Tyne Tees and originally broadcast on the 16th November 1977.

Run time: 25 minutes

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