Svitlana Sanina

Born in city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, Svitlana Sanina is a talented and versatile Soprano vocalist.

Svitlana was driven to become an Opera and Folk vocalist and musician from a very young age. She received her musical education at the Kharkiv National University of Arts, and while away from university she honed her craft, winning numerous awards in vocal competitions across the Ukraine.


Svitlana started her career singing in productions with large folk orchestras and the Kharkiv Philharmonic Orchestra, touring many cities and achieving great success. She then went on to become a highly-esteemed vocal teacher at the much loved theatre music school in Kharkiv city.


Svitlana, now based in Hartlepool after fleeing her war-torn country, is bringing her passion for music to the North East. She is very excited to be here in Hartlepool to showcase her talent, and her love for Ukrainian Classical and Folk music, which holds a special place in her heart.


 Svitlana gave her debut English performance to great success in July at Hartlepool Waterfront Festival.